Tools for Content Creators

CaptchaCoin makes it easy to send small amounts of Caps online, making it ideal for digital creators to get rewarded for their work.

The Simple Paywall

Any digital content can be placed behind a CaptchaCoin Simple Paywall. Doing so requires a user to solve a CaptchaCoin captcha before they can view the link, with 100% of the mined Caps going directly to your wallet.

Since it only takes a matter of seconds to solve a captcha with no direct financial cost to the user this should result in a high conversion rate. This innovative approach to monetising content means creators can receive a small reward from the vast majority of their userbase.

Click here to create a Simple Paywall, or click here for an example of the Simple Paywall.

Tipping Wallet

A tipping wallet allows any user to mine Caps for anyone else in a secure manner. A wallet can be created on behalf of a content creator, but to prevent scammers only the named individual can redeem the Caps.

Much like the Simple Paywall, the tipping wallet has a very low threshold for the average user to contribute which should encourage a higher level of donations than traditional options.

Click here to create a tipping wallet.