CaptchaCoin's Mission

CaptchaCoin's mission is to grow into a mainstream currency used throughout the world.

This has yet to be achieved by any cryptocurrency at present. Satoshi released Bitcoin 14 years ago, introducing the world to cryptocurrencies and laying the groundwork for over 12,000 coins that have since been released.

Despite peaking at over a trillion dollar market cap, crypto has failed to make a meaningful change in day-to-day life for most people. Awareness is very much mainstream, but acceptance and use is confined to a very small percentage of the population.

This is because most coins today have two very basic but serious flaws:

1. They're difficult to acquire
Even though purchasing mainstream coins is relatively straightforward, most people won't risk their own money on what is rightly seen as a volatile asset. Mining coins directly is technically out of reach for most people and/or would produce returns so low that there is minimal benefit from doing so.

2. They're unevenly distributed
Many coins tend to have a large quantity held by a small number of early adopters and developers. For any currency with serious ambitions of being used on a major scale this is a major red flag, not least because of the risks from heavy dumping once the coin reaches a sizable market cap.

These issues severely hamper the network effect and will prevent widespread adoption. CaptchaCoin aims to solve both of these problems through proof of human-work and a system that encourages early adopters but does not give them disproportionate wealth.

Proof of human-work creates a level playing field. Caps can be mined by everyone at approximately the same rate, regardless of their level of technical competence. This solves both problems: Caps can be acquired by anyone and as such their distribution will be inherently more even.

The early stages of the rollout are designed to appeal to those that believe in CaptchaCoin's long term goals. The mining rewards for the first users will be greater than those that join during later stages, but not to a disproportionate level to create drastic inequality. This will also ensure price grows at a consistent rate instead of following a pump and dump pattern that many other coins experience.

CaptchaCoin will grow steadily over time in terms of both userbase and valuation, which in the long term will translate to widespread, mainstream adoption as a usable currency.

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